With more families emphasising the importance of having a dual-income; additional reliance has been placed on the early years and childcare sector. Furthermore, the sector has been dialling up the pressure on the UK government to put plans for investment at the forefront of their spending plans for 2020. This has made the sector a highly lucrative opportunity for potential investors!

During the past decade, there has been significant growth in the childcare sector. Reforms have led to parents receiving with 30 hours funding introduced for parents of three and four-year-olds in England and Wales and currently being rolled out across Scotland by August 2020. Those with an eye on the sector will notice that slowly but surely there is a growing corporate interest, investors from outside the UK are looking in and seeing the potential in the market.

80% of settings in the UK are privately owned and could be seeking your investment! At Abacus Day Nursery Sales, we have several nurseries which are seeking to sell their settings. This provides a significant opportunity to those looking to get involved in this highly rewarding industry! Click here to get in contact with us regarding investment and allow us to help you!