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Buying A Day Nursery

Finding the Right Nursery

As with any business, this is often the hardest part. This is often compounded in the Nursery sector by the level of confidentiality required. However, once registered with us and perhaps having dealt with a Non Disclosure Agreement, we can keep you up to date with suitable new Nurseries.

Alternatively, should you be looking to acquire more than one nursery, the option of being a retained purchaser raises the advantage of being presented with suitable businesses that are not and have not been presented to the market.


Of Course, there is a fundamental dichotomy between buyers and sellers when it comes to price. Once retained by a Vendor, it is true that we are working for them.

If we’re working with you as RETAINED purchaser, we will be working for you and to your agenda, unless of course we’re retained by the vendor.


As members of the NAEA we adhere to practice and procedural guidelines set by the organisation.

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